more about me

While this site was created mainly to host the photographs I take on a daily basis, people tend to ask about my background, whether I shoot professionally, what additional things I do as an artist, etc.  So, here's a little glimpse into more about me.



I've spent most of my life in The Arts. I started painting and playing music at the age of six. I started taking pictures when I was eight. Studied architecture & film in college. Spent over 10 years in the LA Film Industry in production, post-production, and music. And then moved into Advertising, doing broadcast and graphics work, in Orange County, CA.
I now work as an independent artist, consulting and working on projects across a variety of mediums, in both LA and OC.

Click below to view my Graphics Website.



film work

While in LA, I worked on music videos, commercials, television shows, EPKs, and features — in a variety of roles, from PA to AD on set, and from Editor to Post-Production Supervisor off set.
You can find a partial list of the work I did on my IMDb page, as well as on my advertising website.

These days, on a much smaller scale, I shoot & edit event Videos for social media, viral marketing and/or retail presentation. Click the button below for an index view, or click the Menu/Journals/> Videos for more.



advertising work

After my work in the LA Film Industry, I moved back to Newport Beach, bought a sailboat, and started painting again. Somewhere along the way, I started doing graphics for a software company, was hired, and promoted to Creative Director within my first year. Thus began a new career in Advertising.
My concepts, designs, and leadership have contributed to many a campaign for some of the top ad agencies and companies in the nation. Click below to see my advertising website, LaMannaCreative




I've made two versions of my resume available to view or download.

The first is a picture of what I've done in Advertising, as well as the Film Industry — listing titles, descriptions, and companies.
The second is a more "bulleted" version, focusing on skill sets and work/project coverage.



fine art

While I've been painting on and off since I was a kid, I wanted to collect on this site some of the work I've done more recently, using the computer. These images all began as photographs, before applying my painterly work, and were later output and printed on archival museum-quality fine art paper.

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Next up...

In addition to my ongoing efforts to create a current body of work, I'm also combing through my archives to collect a representation of the music I've composed over the past several years.
Much of those songs, including videos I created for many of them, will at some point appear here.

stay tuned for more