These are always fun. I keep my approach to them very simple — just me, my camera, and one zoom lens.
No lights, tripods, gimbals, sliders, racks, or dollies. This allows me to be very mobile, and minimize my intrusion upon the client's work-zone.
After the shoot, I typically review all the footage and select the music on day one. Then edit and finish it 2-3 days later. 
 I call them MTM's — montage2music filmsThe following were all done—from shoot to delivery—in a week.


Billion Dollar Brows : LA BeautyCon

LA Mart / August 16th, 2014

Take an exciting thrill-ride through the LA BeautyCon Event, as we join the team at Billion Dollar Brows for a glimpse at the day's action!

Production Notes: I had no shot list for this event. The only information I had prior to the shoot, was a little info about the company (from their website), and that they wanted the video to appeal to the "tween" market, in addition to their core adult clientele. The video was shot using one camera, and one lens — no lights, tripods, sliders, or gimbals were used.

(Any use or copy of this video, or any portion thereof, is strictly prohibited)

Lovo Cigar Lounge

I wanted to shoot a quick "teaser" to help promote the Lovo Cigar Lounge in Belmont Shores, Long Beach CA. The only request I had from the owners, was that (oddly) they didn't want to focus on the customers. But rather, just on the four owners of the company, as it was "business as usual" that night, and the crowd didn't look upscale enough to them!

To help me work around the "people issue", and create the atmosphere the owners were looking for, I brought in a couple buddies of mine, who were more than happy to "model for the occasion" — in exchange for cigars, of course!

Production Notes: This video was shot all in one night, using one camera, one lens — no tripods, sliders, lights, or gimbals. I came back the following day to shoot some stills, and had it cut and finished in 3-4 days. The video shown here is LoRez.

It's raw, but it captures the lively excitement of the Lovo Cigar Lounge!

(Any use or copy of this video, or any portion thereof, is strictly prohibited)

Dayna Decker : "behind the scenes" photoshoot

An exclusive look at the Dayna Decker Photo Shoot for GILT Magazine!

Shot at a beautiful home in Laguna Beach, California, this video captures the fun & excitement had by all, at this "cocktail party-themed" photoshoot!

Production Notes: This video is LoRez, and a rough-cut. It was never finished due to some issues that arose within the company (and why their logo is missing at the beginning of the film). I shot this using one camera, and one zoom lens — no lights, tripods, sliders, or gimbals.

NOTE: I accidentally shot this at the wrong frame rate, so the video look's a bit "jumpy" at times. Never-the-less, it was such a fun time, I think you'll still enjoy it! 

(Any use or copy of this video, or any portion thereof, is strictly prohibited)