This Website

This Website

What now?

Well... It's the first week of January 2017. And after months of prep work formulating the structure and design of this site, and then uploading, tagging, and arranging 3 years worth of images - from 4 different cameras - and building the site as I went along...  I've finished. 

Now it's time to take a breather — a brief one.

Next I've got to start refining the selection of images within the various Galleries. At the moment, some of the galleries contain work that's just temporary - placed there to help structure the site. And in other galleries, there are too many images... which gotta be trimmed down to a tight "best of" group.
By the way, the images on this site only represent the photographs I've taken since 2014 — since going mirrorless. At some point I may upload prior work into an "archive" section. 

The Big Picture.

The best part of creating this website, for me, is that now I have a place to put all the pix I take each day. Sure, I've got a Flickr account (that content mirrors the Journals on this site). However, I wanted more out of the experience than Flickr currently offers. This site allows me to showcase and interact with those pix in a much more dynamic way.

But MOSTLY, having this site, this forum, this centralized library, if-you-will, allows me to start making photographs with intention again. With purpose.

Up to this point, all the work (I just uploaded) was shot, for the most part, without prior "thought" or planning - just snapshots taken in the course of my day, outNabout.
But now I can plan. Now I can devise and pursue concepts, themes, photo-essays, and projects with a specific purpose because I have somewhere to place the work.

This is really exciting. I'll still fill up the Journal-areas with pix taken in the course of my day. But the Gallery areas will evolve, and grow in depth, complexity, and style.

Stay tuned!

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